Copyright © 1999 - 2020 | Total Motorcycle ∙ 10 Billion Hits. Tengo una bolt desde hace un año, es del 2018.. y es la mejor moto que he tenido.. es una roca, indestructible, segura, comoda, la elegí después de probar varias iron y sporster.. no le.envidia nada a las HD, hay que conducirla para hablar de ella, una excelente máquina. Owner and Founder of Total Motorcycle. Dealer may sell for less. property of the respective owners. The FZ8 fills the gap for sport riders who feel a 600cc is too small and a 1000cc is too big. Comfortable, upright riding position with a compact design that contributes to the bike’s first-rate handling. The FZ8-series is based on the idea of a high-performance all-rounder with the power and character to make every ride an exhilarating sports ride. • Air Induction System (AIS … not ram air) reduces harmful HC and CO emissions for a cleaner environment. El empleo de componentes en acero en bruto acentúa el carácter del modelo. Extensive weather protection, quality finishes and generous storage space complete the ‘weekend-away’ credentials of the X-MAX 250. •Pistons, cylinder, cylinder head, cams, valves and crankshaft are unique to the FZ8. •Compact “Pent roof” combustion chamber design features 4-valves per cylinder and a 12:1 compression ratio for excellent torque feeling. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'totalmotorcycle_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_11',122,'0','0'])); Special niche models are popping up everywhere. The frame is the same spec and shape as the FZ1. This style of fuel injection uses sub throttle valves in addition to the main valves to further control the intake airflow. The benefit is a wide torque curve. •High-efficiency “curved” design radiator features compact dual ring-type fans for maximum cooling efficiency. Abreviando las características de la moto, de esta moto, decirte que tiene una cilindrada de 600.00 cc (36.61 ci) en un motor de cuatro cilindros en línea, 4 tiempos con arranque Arranque eléctrico. Inspiration Friday: MotoGP Extreme Bagger Racing. But don’t confuse practical with dull. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. hola que tal ,estoy buscando por todo el peru dond ecomprarme una moto chopper y ando buscando modelos ,quisera saber si tiene algunas paginas de donde encontrar estas motos hermosas,les agradeceria mucha sus AYUDA,gracias. on Inspiration Friday: MotoGP Extreme Bagger Racing! Cuando este modelo se comercializó al público general, podías adquirirla por 6.785,00€ € y estaba disponible en los colores Team yamaha azul/blanco, blanco perla. This bike screams attitude. Muscular, naked bike styling gives an aggressive, mass-forward stance. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. •Ceramic composite cylinder “bores” are a “liner less” design with the ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block. Bajo el apellido Classic... 8.749 / 9.349 (ABS)/ 9.649 (R) / 9.849 (Racer) / 10.049 (Racer 60th) €. The engine offers a balance of middleweight accessibility with big-bore power and instant grunt throughout the rev range. Bastidor auxiliar de magnesio. Vaya tela con los inutiles de siempre, criticando sin saber de lo que hablan. If you are a sport oriented rider the 2013 FZ8 is a great value. The FZ8 offers a significant level of power and performance. The reserve portion of the tank is 3.4 litres. Cool retro style covers a modern overhead-cam, four-stroke engine; fashion and function. It is not intended for novice or inexperienced riders. •Compact, heavy duty, multi-plate clutch ensures consistent, positive engagement. on Enduro GP World Championship Marco & Caprock Canyon National Enduro Turkey Results, on Check Your Closets as BMW Motorrad recalls motorcycle clothing, on Evan Bros Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team Signs New Rider, on Husqvarna to the wire at 2020 World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS), on Commanding win at the final round of the 2020 AMA National Enduro Series in Turkey Texas, Back to 2013 Yamaha Motorcycle Model Review Page, Compilation of 13 Slingshot Passenger Reactions. Redline is set at 11,500 rpm and features a “soft” rev limiter to protect the engine. And when the needle heads towards the red line it is time to hold on tight! • Short skirt, lightweight forged pistons. Ficha técnica Yamaha YZF-R6 Configuración de motor 4 cilindros en línea inclinados hacia delante, Ciclo de motor 4 Tiempos Distribución 16 válvulas, DOHC Refrigeración agua Cilindrada (cc) 599.0 Diámetro de cilindros (mm) 67.0 Carrera de cilindros (mm) 42.5 Relación de compresión 13,1 : … Sitting between the entry level XJ6 series and big bore FZ1s, the FZ8 is a pure expression of performance and quality craftsmanship desinged for riders who appreciate an optimum blend of power, weight and size. Monodisco. Engine performance for the 2013 Yamaha X-MAX 250 ABS. • Large liquid-cooled oil cooler maintains stable lubricant temperatures for extended engine life. This rad and fan design allows more airflow and greater surface area than conventional flat design rads to maintain optimum engine temperatures for consistent power output. KTM 1290 Super Duke R; BMW F900 XR; CB650R Vs MT-07; Tuono V4 1100 Factory; RSV4 1100 Factory; SPORT. It delivers solid performance and handling thanks to its 779cc inline four engine and new adjustable suspension front and rear. dolares ,nunca pense que se podia igualar a la Harley,me equivoque,no solo era mejor pero mas comoda ,las Harleys tienen muchas reparaciones,demaciado caras,el mantenimiento es constante,sin duda muy buena maquina pero no superior A esa honda le puse 150,000 millas sin problemas,Yo le hacia el mantenimiento,despues he tenido varias Hondas y Yamaha,para Mi pobre opinion Las motos Japonesas son superiores,Hoy monto una Gold Wing tiene 112,000 millas Y esta como nueva,es de el ano 1988,busquen una Harley con ese millage,lla estan llegando a su fin, Yo en colombia tengo una yamaha bolt desde hace ya 1 año y medio, y debo decir que es una belleza por dentro y por fuera, le he realizado alguna modificacion de estetica a mi gusto, claro como todo tiene sus contras una de estos es lo baja para colombia ya que las carreteras en colombia tienen muchas irregularidades entonces su baja altura afecta un poco, pero nada que no puedas manejar con experiencia, en cuanto a los que dicen que son copias falsas la verdad me imagino que sera algun hijo de riquillo que no sabe que no es cuestion de dinero si no de motero, y el motero que se respete no adquiere una moto por dinero si no por como la conduce como la disfruta, pero en fin en todos los paises simpre habra alguien levantado que cree que por que tiene tres pesos mas que los demas puede tratar de humillar y hacer comentarios falases a los demas, para nada que ver con la mentalidad de un motero, Tengo una Yamaha Bolt 2014 y estoy cada dia mas feliz con ella. Compare with any other bike. The header pipe length has been optimized for maximum power and torque. The lower end “cap” of the rod is made from the same piece of material as the upper portion; this design is known as “fracture splitting”. Inspiration Friday: Speed Danger Adrenaline & Femmes Fatales! Yamaha anuncia oficialmente las XV950 y XV950R Bolt 2014. Thanks to its upright riding position and comfortable ergonomics, the word practical comes to mind. The engine is a stressed member of the chassis, allowing a lighter main frame design without sacrificing stability or agile handling qualities. And with new adjustable front and rear suspension, you can dial in the ideal set up. Prueba Yamaha XV950R Bolt 2014: ¡con personalidad! The 2013 Yamaha SX240 High Output is a luxurious, stylish boat powered by a pair of generous Yamaha marine 1.8 liter High Output engines. Motor dos cilindros en V. La versión R exhibe diferentes colores, asiento y mejores suspensiones. • Intake valves are 26mm in diameter while the exhaust valves are 22mm. The key benefit is excellent “ride ability” and throttle response. Horquilla telescópica, carrera de 5,1 pulgadas, Amortiguador simple, carrera de 5,1 pulgadas. developed by low-cost software development company. Newly designed, more stylish muffler enhances the overall appearance of the FZ8. •Conventional handlebar design features an upright positioning for maximum everyday riding comfort. •Adjustable, 5-position front brake lever •Small storage compartment under the passenger seat • Excessive lean angle engine cut-out switch … if unit is on its side the engine will shut down •Extended idle cut-off … if engine idles for more than 20 minutes it will automatically shut down •Lockable steering •Durable “O”-ring-sealed drive chain •Lightweight, sealed low-maintenance battery. on Inspiration Friday: Speed Danger Adrenaline & Femmes Fatales! The oxygen sensor is located before the muffler, so the use of slip-on mufflers will not affect this system. on Could You Live Day to Day with a Slingshot? •Separate rider and passenger seats offers exceptional solo or two-up comfort. EXCELENTE MARCA, EXCELENTES MAQUINAS. Duel Tricity 300 Vs MP3 300; Duel FJR1300 Vs Versys 1000; Les Yamaha 2020; R1 et R1M 2020; Ténéré 700; Essai YZF-R125 et R3; Concept 3CT; Essai 3-roues Niken; Smart-vidéos Live. By not melting the aluminum, the material stays stronger and hence can be lighter with excellent durability. In addition, new fuel injection settings provide a sportier engine feeling, quicker revving power charater, and more direct and linear feeling from the throttle to the rear wheel. on Inspiration Friday: Better than Sony PS5, on Compilation of 13 Slingshot Passenger Reactions. •Key chassis geometry figures include: 1460mm (57.5″) wheelbase 51% front and 49 % rear weight balance, 25 degrees of rake and 109 mm of trail. Yo por ejemplo os aseguro que gano el suficiente dinero como para comprarme la moto que quiera, y después de mirar entre unas cuantas (incluida la harley sportster iron), por cuestión de gusto personal y de calidad precio, me voy a comprar una Yamaha bolt r. jose luis diceske te ries de eya cuando la ves pasar por eldinero.. pensarias lomismo de ir montado en una iron ke cuesta mas piedrolares ke una bolt y ke la bolt pase hecho una bala alado tuyo ? You can also compare bikes. y quienes la critican por criticar no tienen ni idea de motos.. pero ni un poco. •The injectors are sequential high dynamic range type featuring 4 holes and a dual directional spray pattern for excellent power and a linear throttle response across the entire rev range. Total Motorcycle is my pride and joy and being able to reach out 330 million people has been incredible but I could not have done it without the support of my visitors, readers and members, thank you so much! A wave of brutal low to mid-range torque makes for awesome acceleration. • Lightweight aluminum upper and lower triple clamps. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'totalmotorcycle_com-leader-1','ezslot_18',123,'0','0']));Only a fool challenges the FZ8. 759 mm (29.9 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. Seat height is 815mm (32.1″). The naked FZ8 is a machine with attitude. US$ 2899. •267mm rear disc is squeezed by a lightweight single piston slide-type Nissin caliper with sintered metal brake pads. Les nouvelles optiques éclairent mieux, effaçant l'une des rares lacunes de l'ancienne FZS. •Gravity cast, lightweight aluminum twin spar frame provides an optimized rigidity balance for incredible sports performance combined with great stability. All information correct as of posted date. 2.45 litres/100 km (40.8 km/l or 96.01 mpg). TMW — 2013 Motorcycle Models — Yamaha — 2013 Yamaha FZ8 Review. Meine Yamaha WR 125R aus dem Modelljahr 2013, Neufahrzeug. Yamaha. XD creo ke el ke se reiria de ti seria el dueño de la bolt .. yamaha tiene muy buenas motos poseo una stryker 1300 mejor ke varias harley en curvas y estabilidad pero es cuestiond e gustos la bolt es una moto muy agil de bajo costo y sobre todo muy divertida da muy buenas curvas excelente makina y refrierada por aire lo mejor de todo.. excelente para poder usarla en dias muy calurosos a si de oesa forma jamas nos tendremos ke bajar de la moto te invito ke algun dia prueves la marka yamaha no por nada continua valentino con el premio fiat ;), La web más útil para ser motero, con toda la actualidad de las dos ruedas, 10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, 15W-40, 20W-40 o 20W-50. •Pistons, cylinder, cylinder head, cams, valves and crankshaft are unique to the FZ8. •One-piece race inspired instrument features analog tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel gauge, fuel reserve tripmeter (counts kilometres since the fuel went on reserve), clock, coolant temperature and a self-diagnosis mode.


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