No Comment, August 2, 2019 • It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, use warm water and dish soap to clean the pitcher. The 72-oz pitcher is ideal for prepping family-sized servings while the accompanying Nutri cups cater to on-the-go needs. You can use it to prepare smaller batches. The speed settings are the high, low, and medium function: use the low button when you add smooth ingredients. It is worth noting however that the two are very noisy, which is to be expected since the two motors are very powerful. If you need a fast blending, use the pulse function – this will make your recipe quicker than the highest speed volume. Let’s start at where these two blender models are similar, because there are many parts where they don’t differ much at all. The two blenders also feature non-slip base, which prevents lurching and movements of the blenders during operation. The Ninja BL610 Vs BL660 feature cord storage for extension within the kitchen. In addition the BL660 and BL740 have the single serve option. Taking a look at the Ninja Professional Blender (model number BL610) showed off a more powerful blender (1,000 watts) with a nice and sleek design. Read More: What is the best Ninja blender? If this is important to you, I guess this is where you’ve find the difference where you’ll be able to make your choice. With its sharp, crushing blades and new total crushing technology, vegetables, fruits, mixing, pureeing and crushing of ice are easy within a few seconds. Both the BL660 model and the BL610 model comes with a 72 oz jar for you to blend in. The single serve blade assembly does not include a plastic pylon, but only features a 6-prong stainless steel blade. Yep, they’re both made from BPA free plastic. Its 1000-watt motor is paired with Ninja’s Total Crushing blades and pulverizing technology to give you evenly smooth blends every time. This works wonders if you do this right after you’re finished using the machine. Before purchasing a blender you should check the features and benefits you will get from it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In fact all you need to do is fill the pitcher up halfway with water, add a couple drops of soap and turn the machine on blending speed. No, the Ninja container is made of plastic that is BPA-free, and it is scratch-free. Today though, that’s mostly a problem of the past. They both weigh about 7 or 8 pounds. Vitamix a3300 review – Check what is better then other vitamix? Ninja BL610 only has the pitcher while the BL660 comes with two 16 ounces cups. They utilize a set of six sharp blades that easily crushes ice and frozen fruits and veggies into snow in just seconds. The go-to cups of the BL660 are also a convenience factor that should not be overlooked. Blenders come in a wide range of options, heck, even the shape of a modern blender comes in many variations. It's in the top 3 bestselling blenders and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as SharkNinja BL490 or Homgeek 8-Speeds Pitcher.. Ninja BL660 was released in … And the single-serve setting gives this blender a huge edge over models that don’t offer this feature. This unique blade assembly makes blending a simple affair that lasts only a few seconds. On the other side, Ninja BL610 makes 1000 watts. After having taken a look at the similarities, let’s get down to the brass tacks and take a look at the actual differences to contrast the Ninja BL610 vs BL660 models. Keep in mind, regular cleaning increases the blender’s lifespan, so clean the machines regularly. The Ninja BL660 is the superior blender between the two. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of folks that have had these machines for years with no complaints. Yes, these two blenders come with a 1-year limited warranty. Conclusion: The plastic pylon with the 6-blade assembly separates these two blenders from the rest. Sometimes there is just too much going on to have to worry about cleaning out a blender pitcher before you leave for work or school. The Ninja BL660 and Ninja BL610 are among the highest rated blenders in the market today. No Comment, August 7, 2019 • with To-Go Lids cups whereas Ninja professional blender (BL610) does not have. BL610 and BL660 have BPA free parts similarly they both have one limited year warranty. And they will last for more than 5/6 years. Main reason is that you get the two to-go cups with it. Can Ninja handle vegetables like spinach? They all have three speeds plus pulse option. These two also can make delicious dips, mayonnaise, sauces, nut butter, dough, ice cream, batter, baby food, and so on. So no BPA – good! Since you’re reading this article, you’re hopefully down to choosing between the Ninja BL610 vs BL660. Blender Controls. Research has shown that BPA from plastic containers can seep into food and beverages, and possible affect those who eat from the containers. The Ninja BL610 is also a higher performer and will give you more value than you pay for. Apart from having more motor power, it also features the single serve assembly, which is very handy. In our awesomeness score Ninja Nutri Blender Duo ranks #4 out of 254 and Ninja BL660 ranks #16 out of 254. This was one of the most fashionable of all the blenders on this list, making it a great choice for those who want a … For added convenience, you get cord storage once the blending has been done. Besides, the BL660 also contains the single serve assembly, which consists of two 16oz Ninja cups with to-go lids and a single serve blade assembly. These are convenient to-go cups that you can carry with you after you’ve prepared your drink. After you fit all your ingredients in the Ninja cup, you close it tightly with the single serve blade assembly. The Ninja BL610is also a higher performer and will give you more value than you pay for. The shape is the same for each of these machines. The most important aspects to consider, however, are the performance aspects; power, blades, performance with frozen food. At the price range these models fall into this is fully acceptable. You won’t have any major issues using them, and they offer a one-year limited warranty. This blender has an individual mixing portion component and a limited warranty of a year. Required fields are marked *. Ninja BL610 and BL660 Accessories. After having taken a look at the similarities, let’s get down to the brass tacks and take a look at the actual differences to contrast the Ninja BL610 vs BL660 models. Ninja 1000 Watt Blender Vs Vitamix 5200: Which is better. There are some challenges though, like, you will still feel the seeds, and on occasion you may run into some chunks here and there. They both receive our seal of approval. These machines are around the same size with the nj600 measuring 10.90 x 16.30 x 9.30 and the bl610 measures about 15.80 x 10.90 x 8.20. These blenders can be used to perform a range of tasks, including grinding, crushing ice, chopping almonds, grinding parmesan for tasty dips, sauces, and smoothies in seconds . It actually comes with 2 professional nutria-ninja cups with the accompanying to-go lids. What is amazing is that the blades can be removed for cleaning. You then install it upside down with the blade assembly fitted on the power base. We recommend that you get the Ninja BL660 Blender. You will get two 16  ounces cups with to-go lids with the BL660 while the BL610 does not contain any cups. This means you don’t have to blend an entire pitcher if all you are looking for is a drink for yourself. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. No Comment, January 24, 2019 • In the end, I think that the to-go cups offer a convenience factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Blendtec 575 Vs Vitamix e320 – Check what’s the Diffrence. These speed settings make the blenders very simple to use, moreover, the pulse function makes the highest speed volume. The following I’ve shared other functions that make the Ninja BL660 the best. Ninja BL610 Vs BL660 Due to enhancement in technology, there are several new types of things that have been introduced to the world. They are called “Ninja” that has to stand for something, right? This means that you can make smoothies for the whole family in one batch without the need to run consecutive blending cycles. But, based on my research, that has more to do with the how you arrange the ingredients as you load the machine, and the amounts, and less about the actual power of the machines themselves. The blending jar has a lock-on lid and pour spout that allows for a mess-free transfer of ingredients from the jar to other containers. You are capable of preparing any large batch smoothies or juices or other beverages in the pitcher. However, it is far above its peers in the same price range. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The cups can double as to-go containers, which you can carry anywhere. Function wise, the BL660 has the advantage of offering the Single Serve option which lets you customize individual drinks as per your preference. The Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful model with an impressive and outstanding performance. The large pitcher also includes measurements for multiple servings that are in the form of ounces and cups. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice. They have the power, size and performance to meet or exceed most people’s expectations for a home blender.. And use the high-speed function when you need the highest speed. This is … Price-wise, both the Ninja BL610 and the Ninja BL660 are considered mid-range, yet offer the convenience and performance of higher-end blenders. Ninja BL610 vs BL660 – What the difference, Which one is the best. Also, it has a removable with easy process of pulling with comfortable manual washing and as well as dishwasher safe. The Ninja BL610 is an excellent choice for homes that have a variety of blending needs and require a basic countertop machine to do their bidding. They two are powerful blenders so they make a little noise but you can consider this. Ninja total crushing blades Or you can keep it into the dishwasher that gives a hassle-free clean. Ninja BL610 and BL660 Accessories. Appearance & Size. Both of these machines have come with their fair share of complaints. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. . The bl660 also has another button specifically for single serve; this is the biggest button on the panel. Featuring state of the art pulverizing technology thanks to total crushing blades with high motor power of 1000 watts or more, these two devices are the real deal when it comes to preparing a wide range of drinks, sauces, and mixtures. They both receive our seal of approval. Ninja BL610 The BL610 is equally large with a maximum capacity of 72oz. With this purchase, you get the power, capacity, and ease-of-use of more expensive blenders and customer testimonials will attest to that. When you’re in the market for a new blender or mixer, it’s easy to get lost in the woods of all the options you have. By simply looking at the wattage of the motor- the higher the wattage, the more powerful the blender. Often, you may pay more attention to power, versatility, and pre-programmed settings. Both the BL610 and BL660 are dishwasher-safe which means you can just pop them in the dishwasher and get them clean in a jiffy. The Ninja BL660 does not come with any automatic programs, while the Ninja BL610 model has 4 automatic programs for you to choose from. Furthermore, the blender has a single-serve speed, two to go-cups. Ninja BL660 provides a powerful motor than Ninja BL610. One Comment. Ninja BL660 is a very popular option in the middle of the blenders price range. For example, some users say that they get better results when placing the leafy greens in the pitcher first. The Single Serve function on this unit outshines the performance parameters of the Ninja BL610 by yielding individual servings instead of only large batches. Your email address will not be published. If you need a heavy-duty blender machine then Ninja BL660 would be a great option. Both machines have dishwasher safe parts but for the most part you shouldn’t need to use the dishwasher for these parts. So, if you’re in the market for aesthetics, affordability, and performance compiled in one package, then these Ninja blenders will not disappoint. Simply blend and drink in the same cup or blend and carry. Ninja bl660 vs bl610. A 72 ounce total crushing pitcher to turn ice or related frozen food into snow within a few seconds for smoothening accuracy and chilled creamy drinks. You can also use a straw for drinking directly through the cup lids. The BL610 is a robust machine that delivers on all fronts. The control panels are virtually the same with both models having the following functions: power, pulse, low, medium, high power (on the bl660 it is 1, 2, and 3 for power). Ninja BL660 creates 1100 watts blast power to break down any toughest items. Instant Pot vs Breville Fast Slow Pro Review. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about grabbing another cup and dirtying it. Still, it’s worth noting that one machine is more powerful, if only slightly, than the other. 72 oz. Ninja BL610 This blender also features an easy to operate digital control panel with one-touch buttons. Aside from the power base, all the other components of the blender are dishwasher safe (including the blades), which is an easy cleaning option if you do not want to wash them manually. It has three operation modes: low, medium and high speeds that you can take advantage of to prepare whichever smoothies, sauces or drinks you want. Ninja Pro BL660 This blender features three-speed settings: 1 for low, 2 for medium and 3 for high, which you can utilize to prepare any smoothie or frozen drink. Ninja Pro BL610 At 1000 watts of motor power, the BL610 motor is not as powerful as the BL660. After having taken a look at the similarities, let’s get down to the brass tacks and take a look at the actual differences to contrast the Ninja BL610 vs BL660 models. Vitamix a3500 Review – Check what is better then other blenders?


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